Birth Doula - Lactation Counselor - Craniosacral Therapist

I am a DONA trained birth doula with over 5 years of experience serving over 200 families during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum time. I am also a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor through UC San Diego and a Craniosacral Therapist trained by Dr. Carol Phillips of Dynamic Body Balancing. 


I am continually inspired by birth and truly believe in the transformative process that happens when a child is welcomed Earthside.


I provide warm, non-judgemental and personalized support to families in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.  

My Story

Birth is so incredibly empowering, moving and rewarding. It brings us to our inner animal self, to our knees and to tears but it also teaches us how incredible and miraculous our human bodies are. I believe every single birthing person has the right to feel that power through knowing that they made well educated decisions about their own birth.


That is why I became a doula. I believe in inner strength and I believe motherhood/parenthood. I am here to be an emotional and physical support for any family that wishes or needs that. ​

I live in St. Paul, occupied Dakota territories, with my endlessly entertaining 5 year old and my amazing partner of 14 years, our dog and bunny. Most days, if not with clients, getting into many adventures around town with my family and friends. I fully appreciate a meaningful conversation, the company of authentic people and a good cup of coffee.  

Training and Experience

DONA Birth Doula Training- August 2015

Health Foundations Birth Center Intern- 2015

Spinning Babies Training- 2016

Certification of Lactation Educator Counselor - 2018

Craniosacral Therapist Training - 2018

Active Member of The Childbirth Collective - 2016 - Present

President of The Childbirth Collective - 2018-2020

Staff Doula at Everyday Miracles - 2016 - Present

Office Manager at Enlightened Mama - 2015- 2019


Birth Services

Prenatal Visits 

During prenatal visits we will discuss your birth preferences, options and any childbirth related questions you may have. I will also go over birthing time comfort measures with you.

Phone, Text, Email and FB Messenger Support

From the time you sign the contract, I am available to you via calls, texts, emails and messenger whenever you may need me. 

The Birth

During your birthing time, I will come to you whenever you may need me and stay for up to two hours postpartum.


I will visit you at least once in the postpartum period to answer any questions you may have about your birth and help you with any postpartum issues that may come up.

Additional Services

Breastfeeding Class - $140

I offer a comprehensive Breastfeeding Class taught in your home that covers everything needed to prepare you for your lactating journey.


Lactation Support - $70 - $100

Breastfeeding/feeding challenges may come up. I provide in home/birthing place lactation/feeding support within the scope of a Lactation Counselor. 

Craniosacral Therapy - $85 - $110

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, hands-on approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance.

Using a soft touch practitioners release restrictions in the soft tissues that surround the central nervous system. CST is beneficial during pregnancy and birth to help balance the body and for infants to aid with optimal breastfeeding and development. 

I offer in home and in office CST appointments for adults, infants and children. 

Combined Lactation/Craniosacral Therapy - $125 - $170


Doula Packages

The Have Heart Package $1200 

- 2 prenatal visits

- Communication Support

- The Birth

- 1 Postpartum Visit 

The Have Heart Plus Package $1400

- 2 prenatal visits

- Communication Support

- Breastfeeding Class

- The Birth 

- 1 Postpartum Visit

- 1 Lactation Support Visit

The Have Heart Total Care Package $1700

- Unlimited Prenatal Visits 

- Communication Support

- Breastfeeding Class

- 1 prenatal CST session

- The Birth 

- 2 Postpartum Visits

- 1 Lactation Support Visit

- 1 CST session for baby 

The Birth Package $1000

- 1 Prenatal Visit

- Communication Support

- The Birth

*This package is ONLY for repeat clients or families that have used a doula for previous births. Must have a referral from previous doula.   

Please note that I believe that anyone that desires to have a doula should have one. If you are interested in my services but are within a certain budget please reach out and we can discuss how I am able to help you. 


"Landon was an indispensable part of our first baby's birth and the days before and after it. She had all of the qualities we were looking for in a doula: calm, caring, resourceful and an expert in her field. She instilled confidence in us as first-time parents and did a terrific job of walking the fine line between being *there* and present for us during the birth without being overbearing. I would unequivocally recommend Landon to friends, family & anyone else interested in a doula, particularly (but not limited to) new parents hoping to have a natural birth. We plan on being repeat customers."

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